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Factsheets to download

Factsheets for patients covering a range of topics relating to eczema and its management. If you can afford it, we'd appreciate it if you could download these from our Shop for £1.

Download Factsheets - Eczema...

Download Factsheets - Eczema

Factsheets on eczema including the different types of eczema and ways of treating each condition.

Download Factsheets - Treatment...

Download Factsheets - Treatment

Factsheets describing the treatments for managing eczema from azathioprine and other systemics, via emollients and topical steroids to complementary medicine.

Download Factsheets - Factors...

Download Factsheets - Factors

Factsheets on factors and triggers that can affect eczema .

Download Factsheets - Home Environmen...

Download Factsheets - Home Environment

Factsheets on managing eczema in a home environment with practical tips on how patients can minimize eczema flare-ups. Click on each heading to download a pdf.