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The National Eczema Society has a range of introductory guides aimed at different age groups, along with specialist booklets on contact dermatitis, itching and scratching and the psychological effects of eczema.

How to order

A free copy of any booklet can be obtained via the National Eczema Society Helpline. Alternatively, they are available to purchase from our online shop.

Introductory Guides

We have separate booklets for adults with eczema, teenagers and carers of children with eczema.

Childhood Atopic Eczema - Your Questions Answered ...

When a child is first diagnosed as having atopic eczema, parents and carers often have a whole range of questions they would like to ask, but as we all know, there is rarely sufficient time to ask them.  'Childhood Atopic Eczema' aims to give the answers to some of the most common questions.

Information for Teenagers with Eczema - Live your Life

This booklet aims to give specific advice to teenagers who have eczema on living with the condition. Practical tips around moisturising, shaving and bathing are discussed as are issues such as self-esteem, socialising, school and work.

Living with Eczema - Information for Adults with eczema

If you are an adult with eczema, this booklet aims to give you essential information and practical ways to help you cope.  Eczema affects one in 12 adults in the UK, so you are not alone!

We tell you about the different types of eczema, ways of treating it, the importance of a proper diagnosis, how to manage your own type of eczema, and how best to live and work with it.

Specialist booklets

There are also booklets on specialist subjects relating to eczema such as contact dermatitis, itching and scratching and the psychological effects of eczema.

Could I Have Contact Dermatitis?

This booklet offers advice and support about the management, treatment and prevention of contact dermatitis. Beginning by explaining what it is and what it looks like; the booklet offers advice and support about the management, treatment and prevention of both irritant contact dermatitis and allergic contact dermatitis. Common sites for contact dermatitis, sensitisers or allergens and the relevance of patch testing are all discussed.

Subjects such as hand eczema, pompholyx eczema as well as the issues surrounding eczema at work are included in this twenty-four page booklet and where to find more help.

Itching & Scratching

Discusses how to control eczema-related itching and sleep disturbance. Trying to cope with the itch is a fundamental part of living with eczema and this booklet aims to address this. We look at treatments including emollients, topical steroids and wet wraps as well as habit reversal, hypnotherapy and herbal treatments. In addition, sleep disturbance is discussed and how to try and combat this.

Mind over eczema

This booklet considers the psychological aspects of eczema, what this means and how to cope. From the impact of eczema to dealing with other people’s attitude to eczema and the issues of self image and self esteem.

Paste Bandages, Wraps and Therapeutic Garments

This booklet explains how paste bandages and dry and wet wrapping may be useful additions in eczema management for you or your child.

Viscose tubular bandages and therapeutic viscose garments can be used for both dry and wet wrapping. Therapeutic silk garments can be worn as undergarments or nightwear. Viscose and silk garments are available in different sizes and items of clothing.